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GTM93039-30xx GTM93039-30xx
Model NumberGTM93039-30xx
DescriptionGTM93039-30xx, Medical Power Supply, Vehicle/Car DC/DC Converter, DC-DC, , Input Rating: 9-60 VDC, See "Blade/Cord Installed" section, Output Rating: 30 Watts, 5-30V in 0.1V increments, Approvals: CE
Agency Documentstba
CE EC-Declaration for Medical
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CE EC-Declaration for HouseholdContact GlobTek for more information
RoHS/RoHS3 Declaration
REACH Declaration
Conflict Minerals Declaration
Model Parameters
TypeVehicle/Car DC/DC Converter / Convertitore DC/DC per veicoli
TechnologyDC-DC / DC-DC
CategoryMedical Power Supply / Alimentatore per ambito medicale
Input Voltage Range (V)9-60 VDC
Max Input Current (A)1.5A
Max Output Power Rating (W)30
Output Voltage Range (V)5-30
Ingress Protection
Size (mm)134*54*30.5
EnclosureUser-added image
Rating Table
Model Number (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined) VoltageAmps (A)Watts (W) RFQ
GTM93039-2005* 5420 RFQ
GTM93039-2007* 72.8519.95 RFQ
GTM93039-2509* 92.7724.93 RFQ
GTM93039-3012* 122.530 RFQ
GTM93039-3015* 15230 RFQ
GTM93039-3018* 181.6629.88 RFQ
GTM93039-3024* 241.2530 RFQ
GTM93039-3036* 360.8329.88 RFQ
GTM93039-3048* 480.62530 RFQ
* (Final ordering #/Part No to be defined)
01. Input Voltage: 11-32 VDC
02. Input Frequency: DC
03. Output current No Load to Full Load, No Minmum Load Required
04. Output Power 24W Max
05. Output Regulation: +/- 5% measured at the output connector
06. Line Voltage Regulation: +/- 2% typical measured at full load
07. Output Ripple (Vp-p): <100mV at nominal output voltage. Measured at 20 MHz bandwidth with 0.1 uf ceramic capacitor in parallel with 10 uf electrolytic capacitor connected at the end of the output connector at nominal line
08. Turn-ON/OFF Overshoot: 5% maximum, 500uS typical recovery time for 25% to 50% step load
09. Turn-ON Delay: 2 Seconds, maximum @ full load, nominal line
10. Hold-Up Time: 16 mS typical @ nominal input voltage and full load
11. Switching Frequency: 100 KHz typical

1. Over-Voltage Protection :Voltage Limited Less 130% Of Nominal Voltage
2. Over Current/ Short Circuit: Hiccup with Auto Recovery to 1.1-1.3 * IO
3. Other Protection :Input Fusing
4. Leakage Current <100 uA

1. ESD ,IEC 61000-4-2 +/-4kv CONTACT ,+/-8KV Air
2. EFT ,IEC 61000-4-4 4KV on AC Power Line
3. Surge IEC 61000-4-5 4KV on differential Mode
4. Isolation: 500 Vdc

1. MTBF: 200,000 Hours @ 25°C ambient temperature
2. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C ambient temperature
3. Humidity: 0% to 90% relative humidity
4. Storage Temperature: -10°C to 80°C
5. Cooling: Convection

1. Size: 134*54*30.5 mm +/- 1.0
2. Markings: Label and/or Pad Printed and/or Molded into Case
3. LED: Standard Green color to indicate power out (other colors available)
Derating Curve
Qty (ea.)/Carton24
Individual Box/Gift Box Size (mm)200*140*50
Individual Box/Gift Box ColorWhite
Master Carton Size (mm)460 x 435 x 255
Gross Weight (kg)15.6
Label Width (mm)
Label Height (mm)
Input Configuration
DescriptionSee "Blade/Cord Installed" section
Output Configuration
Common output connector options:
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L Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.5mm plug) C Type (Coaxial 5.5x2.1mm plug) K Type (Coaxial 3.5x1.3mm plug) LL Type (5.5x2.5mm Locking 760k type) CL Type (5.5x2.1mm Locking S761k type) Magnetic Connector

YL3 Type (KPPX-3P) YL4 Type (KPPX-4P) EJ1/2/3/4/5 (EIAJ RC-5320A type connectors) MSB Type (Micro USB) Inquire for custom design

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